RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: how to finance it

R&D projects and activities are by definition business risk activities. The uncertainty of obtaining satisfactory results is in fact almost always an intrinsic characteristic of a path that wants to explore new products, new processes, new services, new investments in machinery.

However, there are many ways in which institutions come to the aid of enterprises with targeted funding managed at local (Regions) or national (Ministries) or European (EU Commission) level.

ARCHA’s Research Area, strong of its experience over twenty years, is able to support companies not only on a technical level but also on a financial level by searching for the most appropriate tender and preparing all the necessary practices.

Funding almost sure

The high success rate of applications for funding for Research, Development and Innovation followed by ARCHA (over 85%) is connected to the high technical skills that are used in the design as well as to the qualified management skills for the demanding bureaucratic modality of the practices.

  • The 360º service that is offered is summarized in:
  • Search for the most appropriate call for funding
  • Examination of the company’s eligibility
  • Examination of the technical idea and its preliminary assessment
  • Search for partners (companies or research bodies)
  • Coordination of the working group
  • Technical drafting of the project (state of the art, innovation, planning, deliverable, milestone)
  • Collection of documents required by the tender
  • Preparation of the application and insertion on the various portals
  • Monitoring the state of demand
  • Technical and administrative coordination of the project
  • Reporting to SAL and BALANCE

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