RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: qualified staff

Often the enterprises that are approached to the plans of Research, Development and Innovation need to have and to insert qualified staff in order to follow the activities and in order to grow the company.

We help this path by collaborating in the choice of technicians and providing their technical training with any training period c/ o the laboratories of our research center.

At the end of the training period, the company will be joined by researchers able to manage innovation and business growth.

We transfer our skills

The course of technical training and training, often financed within R&D projects, provides a “transfer” of knowledge and skills from ARCHA technicians to the subjects in training. Only for example can be expected:

  • How to manage an R&D or Innovation project
    Bibliographical research
    The analysis of Prior art
    The technical activities of laboratory
    The setting of experimental drawings
    The management of pilot plants
    Data collection and data processing
    Interpretation of the results
    Regular reporting of activities

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