A good idea or a good intuition can fade over time if not supported by adequate planning. The R&D “project” is therefore the basis of every innovation initiative and ARCHA has the necessary experience for the study and setting of these paths by providing for the drafting of the project and its monitoring, also necessary for success in any funding applications.

Plans for success

A good project is the basis of a good result. This statement is also valid, or above all, in R&D and Innovation projects.

A good project is in fact essential to understand the innovation on which the initiative is based and is also the one that allows you to finance the initiative on regional, national or European calls and contains:

  • Prior art
    examination of innovation
    business planning
    human resources to be deployed
    the necessary machinery and tools
    the materials to be used
    specialist advice
    the necessary timing (Gantt)
    the possibility of exploitation of the results
    the forecast of the economic repercussions on the company
    the periodic reporting procedures

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